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Work Smart
If using your head and hands to work smart and learn a career is of interest to you. If working with good people and doing good work that keeps America working is interesting to you. A career with Local 125 Plumbers and Pipefitters is a smart choice. Come explore with us.
Plumbing…it’s more than you might think.
From the booming residential market to outfitting new hotels, offices, power plants and more, the men and women who are proud to be union plumbers use their heads as well as their hands to install and maintain the lifeblood of our region.
Refrigeration…keeping you cool
Refrigeration equipment is expensive and highly technical. It keeps temperatures in buildings comfortable and our food safe. Highly skilled technicians install and maintain refrigeration equipment in homes, offices, hospitals and some of this area’s most high-tech plants.
Pipefitting….a truly skilled profession
It’s no simple task to layout and then install the pipe for a hospital operating room or a multi-million dollar new bio-tech fuel plant. That’s why pipe fitters are in such demand…and so highly paid.
Welding….over 100 different kinds
You’ve probably seen welders at work…sparks a-flyin’. But did you know that this highly specialized skilled trade is vital to the construction of almost every kind of building you’ve ever been in?
Local 125…part of the UA family
When you become a skilled tradesman or woman as part of Local 125, you’ll become a part of the 300,000 member United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada.

Visit their website (www.ua.org/join) to learn more about UA and the skilled trades that make up this progressive organization.

OK…you’ve done some “shopping” and learning more about the skilled trades of Local 125. Interested? Just click here and get the ball rolling. Good work. Good money. Good people. A great career awaits you.