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Labor Links

You can become part of something important and big When you become a skilled professional with Local 125, you also become linked with local, regional and national organizations so critical to our economy and way of life.

Find out more by visiting these sites.

The United Association …thousands of members strong across the US and Canada.

Mink Pipe Trades…our regional association serving members in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas

AFL-CIO …54 unions and over ten million people strong

Cedar Rapids Building Trades …helping build a better Eastern Iowa

National Building Trades …since 1908, a national voice for our trades

Buy Union – Buy American …a national voice for our economy; our workers

Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust …a financial institute built to suit your needs

Plumbers and Pipefitters National Pension Fund …login to check on your National Pension

Iowa Workforce Development …register for your unemployment benefits

Secretary of State …check on local/state businesses

Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board …renew your state license here

Iowa Legislators …find your local area Legislators and Get Involved

Aetna.com…Health Insurance Needs

Express Scripts…Prescription Questions

New York Life now John Hancock Retirement Plan Services…Local Pension & 401K Benefits