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Veterans In Piping (VIP) Program

The Veterans in Piping program offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades to active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service. 

The program consists of 18 weeks of highly specialized, intensive training in highly marketable skills such as welding, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR), and sprinklerfitting.  We also provide participants with additional skill training opportunities after they complete this program by connecting them to our established apprenticeship training programs, which are recognized in the industry as the best in the business.   On top of all this, these individuals can earn college credit along the way that can be applied to toward a college degree.

The UA VIP Program has been recognized as one of the leading programs in the country for assisting veterans, which is an honor we take great pride in.  We place 100% of our VIP graduates in quality jobs with good pay, along with healthcare and retirement benefits. This allows them the opportunity to provide for their families after their service to our country has been completed. 

And we do all this at absolutely no cost to the military, the government, or participants because all costs are paid by the UA and our contractors.

The UA has been praised by members of Congress, the Administration, current and former Secretaries of Labor, military leadership and the media.  In fact, UA General President Bill Hite was the first labor leader in history to be recognized by the Military Officers Association of America for this program. 


To learn more about the VIP Program, visit: www.uavip.org