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Organizing Info

learn-earn-returnThe skilled workers of Local 125 work in a true brotherhood and partnership with their contractor/employers. Over 100 contractors are supporters of the UA Local 125 Joint Apprentice Training Program and provide meaningful, high-paying work for our members. It is a true partnership of good work for good money.

If where you work now does not have union representation, here are ten reasons why you need a union where you work:

  1. Stability and Security: in this volatile economy, you may not know where your next job will be. As a skilled union member, your pay, benefits and working conditions are guaranteed; you carry them with you from job to job.
  2. Health Insurance: employer provided by contract with low deductibles and co-pays and your coverage follows you from job to job.
  3. Retirement Security: collectively bargained pensions you can count on. You accrue benefits on every job and the average union pension plan is worth twice as much as a non-union plan.
  4. Access to the Best Jobs: you can work on high paying union construction jobs all over town and in other cities and states.
  5. Reduced Safety Hazards: you’ll get more safety training and have avenues to address problems and access to proper equipment.
  6. Training and Advancement: training is provided FREE by union contract. You can upgrade your skills and keep up with technological changes.
  7. Respect and a Partnership at Work: union members have a partnership with employers and a say in decisions on the job. Your views and skills are respected and you have what you need to get the job done right – the first time.
  8. The Same Set of Rules: union contracts emphasize equality and fair treatment. There is a written set of rules that applies to everyone on every job.
  9. Help Build a Stronger Community: when you replace lower wage or temporary jobs with good union jobs, you boost local economies, lift living standards, strengthen the tax base and, in general, add to community development.
  10. MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY: while wage rates vary, union construction workers on average make 41% more than non-union workers. And a fair but higher wage may mean less overtime and more time with family and friends.

If you are already working in the field and are considering joining Local 125, here are many important things you should know.

It is unlawful for an employer, supervisor or foreman to interfere with, restrain or coerce employees seeking to organize or join a union. Please click the above link if you wish to learn more about activities an employer, by Federal law, CANNOT do to stop you or your co-workers from becoming a union member.

For more information please contact our Organizing office @ 319.365.0413.